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In two first time encounters, head trainer Mike Quackenbush meets his prized pupil Green Ant in a mat masterpiece, while Eddie Kingston wrestles Bryan Danielson fresh off his WWE run! UltraMantis faces the BDK-controlled Delirious! Da Soul Touchaz lock horns with a treacherous trio representing the BDK!


1 Green Ant vs Mike Quackenbush Exclusive
2 Lince Dorado, Pink Ant vs The Osirian Portal Exclusive
3 Delirious vs UltraMantis Black Exclusive
4 Super Smash Brothers vs The Colony Exclusive
5 Eddie Kingston vs Bryan Danielson Exclusive
6 BDK vs Da Soul Touchaz Exclusive
7 Young Lions Cup: Tim Donst vs Frightmare Exclusive
8 The Future Is Now , 3.0 vs The UnStable , F.I.S.T. Exclusive
9 Bonus Match: GQ, Tommy Treznik vs J. Miller, Cameron Skyy Exclusive