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The stars of Dragon Gate line up to face off against CHIKARA's very best in a series of matches! Plus, Johnny Gargano shows F.I.S.T. the error of their ways. Eddie Kingston teams with his idol, Tommy Dreamer, to battle The BDK's championship duo of Ares & Claudio Castagnoli!


1 BDK vs Frightmare, The Colony Exclusive
2 Shingo vs Equinox Exclusive
3 Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze vs vs Amazing Kong, Raisha Saeed Exclusive
4 CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki, Super Shenlong vs F.I.S.T. Exclusive
5 Drakes on a Plane vs The UnStable Exclusive
6 Ares, Claudio Castagnoli vs Eddie Kingston, Tommy Dreamer Exclusive
7 Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Hallowicked vs Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk Exclusive