Max Smashmaster attempts to capture the ultimate prize as he takes on the CHIKARA Grand Champion UltraMantis Black! In trios action, "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Anglosetti joins forces with The Force to battle the unlikely trio of Jeremy Leary, Wani and Mr. Azerbaijan. CHIKARA's hottest property Fire Ant tries to be the first to defeat the powerful piranha known as Merlok in singles competition! Also: an action-packed Relevos Atomicos that will make you cry out for mummy.


1 The Empty Child - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Hermit Crab speaks Exclusive
3 Dasher Hatfield vs Hermit Crab
4 Fire Ant vs Merlok
5 The Force, Mr. Touchdown vs Wani, Mr. Azerbaijan, Jeremy Leary
6 Lucas Calhoun speaks Exclusive
7 Lucas Calhoun vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
8 Los Ice Creams, Solo Darling and Travis Huckabee speak Exclusive
9 Solo Darling, Travis Huckabee, Los Ice Creams vs Cajun Crawdad, Rock Lobster, Sonny Defarge, Cornelius Crummels
10 Sidney Bakabella and Max Smashmaster speak Exclusive
11 Grand Championship: UltraMantis Black vs Max Smashmaster
12 Encore Match: Xyberhawx2000 vs Dez Peloton Exclusive