A loaded card featuring the debut of Michinoku Pro's Kenbai and two championship title bouts! Newly-crowned Young Lions Cup champ Sylverhawk isn't resting on his laurels, looking to make his first defense just a week after capturing the coveted trophy! In the main event, reigning Grand Champion Juan Francisco de Coronado faces a challenger unlike any other he's seen thus far - the dangerous and demonic Obariyon! Plus: the final encounter in the two-year-long rivalry between Frightmare and Silver Ant leads to an outcome no one could have predicted.


1 Hide - Event Intro Exclusive
2 Kenbai speaks Exclusive
3 Kenbai vs Kobald
4 Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad speak Exclusive
5 The Throwbacks vs Hermit Crab/Cajun Crawdad
6 Sylverhawk speaks Exclusive
7 Young Lions Cup: Sylverhawk vs Cornelius Crummels
8 Silver Ant vs Frightmare
9 The Furies vs Los Ice Creams, DUSTIN, Chuck Taylorâ„¢
10 Grand Championship: Obariyon vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
11 Encore: Officer Barksdale, Dez Peloton vs The Whisper, Sonny Defarge, Rick Roland Exclusive
12 Failed Fury Exclusive
13 A Grand Championship Collision Exclusive
14 The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape Exclusive
15 The Eleventh Hour - Official Trailer Exclusive
16 Supreme Technical Prowess! Exclusive