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Blog: The Whisper (6.21.17)

Posted: June 21, 2017

The time of stories and implanted memories is over. Missile Assault Man, I’ve tried time and time again to get you to notice me, only to be brushed off each time. Now though, you have a great threat standing before you. On July 8th you face the Grand Champion of CHIKARA, Juan Francisco de Coronado...and to prevail, you’re going to need my help.

Before that however, you have a battle of your own that must take precedent, a battle that, until this point, no one else has cared enough to help you even fight...let alone win. I’ve read through the dark pages of your past, and I know what haunts your existence. I’ve seen the tortuous times that you’ve endured and I’ve seen what they did to your mind. I care about what you’ve been through, Missile. It’s no secret, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder plagues your thoughts, pollutes your brain. I know the truth, I know YOU. Through your words I’ve met the man behind the chaos and I have the tools to bring that man out.

The power you need to defeat the Champion is at your fingertips, but it is your own thoughts that hold you back; Hypnotherapy is the answer to your ailment. I’ll not make you dance, nor toy with your head, I’ll provide for you the strength to overcome your obstacles. I’ll set you free of the thoughts that will keep you from victory. Only I have the skills to do this.

A clear-minded perspective on life is what you need in order to reach the ultimate triumph. A triumph over not only the Grand Champion, but more importantly, a triumph over your greatest enemy: yourself. Missile Assault Man, play time is over, and if you want to walk out of Gibsonville, North Carolina with gold, you need me. I am the end to your suffering. I am the beginning of a future bright enough to overshadow even your dark path. I am the answer to your silent cries for help; they’ve fallen on deaf ears for long enough. The Silence will set you free.


Blog: Sonny Defarge (5.25.17)

Posted: May 25, 2017

To whom it may concern,

This Saturday the world over shall celebrate the 15th anniversary of CHIKARA. The fact was recently brought to my attention that the unmannerly cyclists known as Dez Peloton have accomplished the feat of achieving three points and have earned the right to contend, on this day, against my business associate, Mr. Crummels, and I, in yet another feeble attempt to remove the Campeonatos de Parejas from our well-deserved possession. To this I say good luck to you gentlemen.

Throughout our storied and successful careers as businessmen and combatants alike, Mr. Crummels and I have amassed many treasures, prizes and awards. For as long as I can remember men and women of a lesser capacity for success have attempted to pilfer what we have earned through precision and teamwork. The situation found here involving the detestable cyclists is no different than these past attempts save for one detail; Dez Peloton has defeated us in the past. No other team in CHIKARA can legitimately make such a claim. However, Mr. Crummels and I are more than prepared to face this obnoxious team once more because, as we have proven in the past, in spite of the vigorous training through which they put their bodies and minds, Dez Peloton cannot function under high pressure conditions.

Mr. Crummels and I perseverate in our success in the face of doubters and multiple attempts at the expropriation of the titles that we have earned through innumerable legitimate victories the likes of which are unheard-of in both the realms of business and professional combat sports. Meanwhile we continuously find Dez Peloton sharing kale recipes and personal records in their fitness-related outings. Mr. Crummels finds himself, now, in need of medical attention after having fallen ill during a business venture in Kiribati the likes of which many wouldn't understand. However he trains still! (Though we will be accepting donations in favor of his health fund, as well as pledges and contributions to benefit our training. We now accept bitcoin!) Meanwhle, Jasper Tippins couldn't even be bothered to appear in the Infinite Gauntlet. The lack of determination is apparent.

All of this to say that we have proven in the past, over the course of three seasons, that we, CHIKARA's legitimate businessmen, are the greatest tag team to have ever graced the sport of professional wrestling with its performance. Dez Peloton has only succeeded in proving the durability of their quadriceps over long distances. Hardly enough to compete with the Campeones de Parejas.

In conclusion, sirs/and or madams, Dez Peloton will ride their momentum all the way to the Aniversario event in Hellertown, PA and that is where their momentum will stop. Legitimate business will prevail through an attempted hostile takeover, yet again, while the gears rust, the chains seize, and the pedals stop moving. And every good businessman knows that when a bicycle's pedals stop moving, the only thing left for a bicycle to do is collapse.

As always, for this and all of the business ventures shared by Mr. Crummels and I, I have some great expectations.

-Mr. Defarge

Blog: Kobald (5.23.17)

Posted: May 23, 2017



People thought Kobald was CRAZY! People thought Kobald had a DEATH WISH! People thought I would end up the same way Deucalion left me, but no! No no no no no. NO! For months I have been TRAPPED in my own mind, split into TWO, a fissure dividing us. I waited & hoped & pleaded & begged to be FIXED! No one came to help me for so long! But now? Now… KOBALD IS WHOLE ONCE AGAIN!!! Rewatch the footage & see the smile smeared across my face! KOBALD IS FIXED!!!

WHO DO I HAVE TO THANK? Who has brought me back to singularity?? Who has closed the fissure in my mind??? My HERO! My KNIGHT! My SAVIOR! OLEG the Usurper! Oleg, I know we have had a rocky relationship through the years, BUT ALL IS FORGIVEN!!! You have completely redeemed yourself. I NEVER doubted you this entire time! I knew YOU would be the one to FIX KOBALD. I knew YOU would save me! I KNEW it would only take ONE “Off With His Head” to unclog my cranium!

How can I possibly repay you, Oleg? How? What do you desire? What do you hope to obtain? Name it & it is YOURS! I have already compiled a list of items I know you’ll enjoy. Your first shipment should have already arrived at your doorstep. But there’s more in store. MUCH, MUCH more! I have something SPECIAL in store for you in Hellertown on May 27th. SEE YOU THERE!!


THANK YOU, OLEG!!! [Clap clap clapclapclap] THANK YOU, OLEG!!! [Clap clap clapclapclap]

YOU FIXED KOBALD!!! [Clap clap clapclapclap] YOU FIXED KOBALD!!! [Clap clap clapclapclap]