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Blog: Travis Huckabee (4.9.18)

Posted: April 09, 2018

I have never been one to accept not being good enough...but lately I haven't been able to escape it. Since losing the Campeonatos de Parejas in somewhat embarrassing fashion, Solo Darling and myself have been unable to maintain a certain level of success. We've yet to even earn 3 points, and unlike many of the other people of my graduating class from the Wrestle Factory, I was never a challenger for the Young Lions Cup. The main goal I had upon entering the Wrestle Factory was put off, for other pursuits that, so far, have been pretty unsuccessful. While I couldn't ask for a better partner, it may not be in the cards for us and after a lot of thought I had to make a choice. That's why I said what I said back at "Young Lions Cup XIV - 2nd Stage." If The Rumblebees do not win this Saturday at the Tag World Grand Prix, we must separate to pursue other opportunities. I don't plan on entering Tag World expecting to lose, and no bee ever goes down without a fight.

As I studied the footage from our last match, I heard something disturbing on commentary; once again it seems like I am being accused of being "soft." This sentiment rings loudly, as it reflects those recent realizations I’ve had about my current tag team efforts. These comments weren’t an act of hazing from someone like Rory Gulak, they came from someone I’ve looked up to for years. Icarus wasn't just the type of wrestler I admired as a fan, he set the standard for success - a former Grand Champion, King of Trios winner, and Campeon de Parejas as part of F.I.S.T. Even if I had not been such a fan of his for years before entering training at the Wrestle Factory, I would be thrilled to have a mentor such as him in The Furies. Before the implosion of The Furies at the end of last year, he was a veteran who was supposed to help support the rookies such as myself. That was one of the goals of the group.

But where is that support now? No matter the changes I make, the number of days at the Factory, or the work I put in outside the is still not good enough. The harder I try, the less respect I get. Maybe instead of just earning respect, I've got to go out and grab it by the horns. I know I can do it. Either by conquering the Tag World Grand Prix with Solo Darling, or maybe as your next Grand Champion.


Blog: Vlad Radinov (3.14.18)

Posted: March 14, 2018

Even before I tsar-ed any parties, I was a fan of CHIKARA. They seemed willing to take risks and pull wrestling in new directions. You could put their trainees and talent up against anyone, and know they'd have a match you could not see anywhere else. In an artform often derided for not listening to its fans, the story, the delectable payoff, the fan experience, seemed to be paramount.

Since late in Season 15, I have had the pleasure of helping to create that fan experience. Being your Master of Ceremonies has been a dream realized for me. I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from world class talent. I've had a front row seat to watch friends go from students to champions. Most rewarding has been the opportunity to entertain the best fans in wrestling. It's been a pretty great party.

It is with a complex depth of sadness only capable of being felt by Russians that I must step away from CHIKARA. Years of partying have take a bit of a toll on me, and like a gilded, hirsute Mary Poppins, the wind has changed and I must go where I am needed.

To the office and roster, my heartfelt thanks for letting me be part of the team.

To the CHIKARMY, thank you for support, encouragement, and friendship. It has meant the world to me. Any successes I have had I owe to you. I know you will embrace my successor as warmly as you have me.

I won't say goodbye, I'll just say good journey.


Blog: Percy Davis (3.7.18)

Posted: March 07, 2018

“How bad do you want it?” I can attribute this one sentence that’s defined my career, and the entire drive behind it, to my trainer. He asked it of me one blisteringly cold winter afternoon, in a tiny garage in Lafayette, Indiana. This same quote had fueled the drive of those before me in the form of Tripp Cassidy, Ruby Riott and even the man himself - Billy Roc. All of them have previously competed in the Young Lions Cup tournament. With examples like them to look up to how, could I not be humbled...even ecstatic... about taking my place alongside them as a Young Lions Cup competitor?

That being said, this isn’t necessarily my first time in a CHIKARA ring... as "The Freshest Prince" was once just a referee with a goofy grin and pleasant disposition. I counted my last three count in CHIKARA back at "Shock and Aww" on June 14th, 2015 and muttered under my breath something I’ll never forget. “I want to wrestle for CHIKARA so bad.” So I did what any other student of the School of Roc would do, I went out and I earned it. Three years later I’ve traded stripes for tights. I’ve gone from counting three counts to earning them, "Pleasant" Percy Davis dropped the nice guy act and became "Have Mercy" Percy Davis for good.

Throughout those three years, the triumphs have been grand and the mistakes equally...if not more so. For lack of a better term, I made mistakes and I bumped my head. But hey, lets be honest - fourteen states, thirty-eight companies and two countries ain’t too shabby. Regardless the great triumphs I’ve made these past few years aren’t related to my own wrestling prowess, but the growth of myself as a person. Watching Billy Roc retire back on November 6th, 2016 dwarfed the fact that I wrestled Ruby Riott that very same night. Watching my little brother grow into the loving young boy he is before my very eyes, overshadows even my future debut for CHIKARA. However, thanks to those two moments these past few years I’ve come to realize exactly what I’m fighting for and that makes me all the more dangerous to those competing against me in the 14th annual Young Lions Cup Tournament.

March 17th 2018 I’m coming to CHIKARA as a colorful young man with a big mouth, a wicked right hand, and a tendency to take a chomp out of those across from me. But even more than that, I am coming to CHIKARA as a man from the School of Roc with the support of every single one of my classmates. I’m coming to CHIKARA as an older brother looking to be an example for a small boy with the same smile as him. I’m coming to CHIKARA as a man who made a promise to prove just how bad he wants it. So to the fans: I hope you’re ready to meet the new Percy, and to my opponents in the #YLCXIV I’m not gonna Have Mercy.