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Blog: Fire Ant (12.4.17)

Posted: December 05, 2017

How appropriate, karma’s idea of a joke, that a fire ant would be constantly forced to watch the world burn. The last time events like this happened, CHIKARA burned down for real. This time it seems the only things to crumble to ashes are the things closest to me.

One by one I watched The Colony consumed by the madness of Nazmaldun and his exterminator, Frightmare. The people I cared for most were all destroyed, one by one, right before my eyes. Never to be the same again. Never to be again.

Naively I thought that was the worst we'd ever have to face. We banded a new group of good brothers and sister to unite against any threat to CHIKARA. We failed miserably, dragged down by our individual obsessions. The quest for gold. The need for revenge. The insecurity of inexperience. The void of a collective threat consumed us all. We were a group in name only, banding together to fight ghosts -- until we became ghosts. Maybe I should have let Quackenbush go ahead with his crazy contingency plan. At least this burden would be his.

Instead, I firmly place the blame on my own shoulders. It was the height of arrogance to think our good intentions alone would create a force capable of repelling any enemy. Well, you know where they say good intentions will lead you. That’s where I am now. My own personal pit of scorching flames. I'm long past the point of caring for the collective anymore.

I am truly the Last Ant Standing, and I will forever stand alone. The Furies are no more. Now, there is just me. A colony of one.


Blog: Ophidian (12.1.17)

Posted: December 01, 2017

I should have known you’d be back, sooner or later. You cannot kill what isn’t truly alive, I suppose.

Were you overcome with envy? You just couldn’t take it anymore, could you? Watching on as I surpassed your very existence. That must’ve been hard, knowing in the place of your failures I piled success upon success. So you picked your moment to strike, at the height of my Osirian Portal’s glory, three points in hand...and there you were. Standing once again as the imposter 17. How ashamed you must have been when I exposed your ruse to the world. So in retribution, you've broken my arm. Bravo, Inferior Ophidian. It will be months before my Osirian Portal is able to cash in these three points. Months before we'll claim the golden belts. My bone will heal snake, but your shame will last forever.

How low must you feel, to return to the guise of 17. The absolute nadir in a career of lows. Throughout MY time as Ophidian there have been many naysayers, and those proclaiming that I’m a fake, and while that couldn’t be farther from the truth it does share an interesting parallel to your time as 17. You were the fake, merely passable, a believable stand-in for the original 17. You were never superior. I am superior.

As for your time as 17? In your eyes it must be your darkest time. An agreement you would unknowingly come to regret. Hidden amongst the ranks of The Flood to prevent further was a clever idea. Remember the man you saved from Deucalion’s wrath? I certainly do. Remember the man that destroyed The Colony? The man who ended Inferior Amasis? It's the man you spared from Deucalion: Frightmare. Just think how radically different the world would be right now if not for Frightmare...if not because of you. That act of salvation has brought about your own destruction. The guise of 17 is the catalyst of your failures, I can only imagine how that fills your cold-blooded gut with acid.

Spit your venom and your vitriol. Come at me with your worst, because I’m always at my best.


Blog: Race Jaxon (11.21.17)

Posted: November 21, 2017

I don't ever want to see Hype Rockwell's hideous, oversized, under-developed face, EVER again! I don't want to be reminded of the darkest years of my life, where I was compromising with that lack of talent, skill, and aesthetics in N_R_G! I always hear about the 300+ day championship run, the amazing matches and moments, the awesome power of the Hyperwheel! I hear all about this chapter in CHIKARA's history, but what's more important is what I don't hear about... I don't hear the recognition that Race Jaxon deserves. I don't hear enough about how handsome, young, and talented I am! I don't hear about how lucky Hype was to have a partner as giving, and fantastic as Race!

While Hype slept in a corner I battled all contenders and challengers. While Hype caught his breath on the floor, I flew to attack opponents far larger than myself. While Hype embarrassed me with mistimed strikes I recovered as quickly as I could to save our prestige! After December 2nd, I won't ever see Hype Rockwell's disgusting countenance again...and neither will anyone else. He will be adorned in a mask and, once I'm done with him, likely crutches as well. If not for my flawless visage, I wish I had been afforded the pleasure of a mask years ago, to hide my face from the embarrassment that was being in a tag team with that repellent oaf! If you thought dropping a whole stage on Hype's face was the most depraved deed I can commit, you will find out at the finale that you were sorely mistaken!

To the many adoring fans of Race Jaxon, I apologize for this detour in my otherwise upward journey to glory. Many look up to Race Jaxon as an ideal! An ideal of beauty, an ideal of skill, and an ideal of perfection. The fans of Race are far smarter than to gaze at the anchor that is my former tag team partner and brake! I say to my fans: continue your lavish support and honor my name! I do not perform in vain, I do so for the continued admiration of my fans! Gaze upon me with your longing and desirous eyes!

"Closing Time" is coming December 2nd, this will be Hype's last stand and your last chance to take glimpse at his repulsive image! Without Race, Hype is nothing. Without Hype, I am everything!