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Blog: The Whisper (8.23.17)

Posted: August 23, 2017

I learned so many lessons studying my father's pocket watch. Listening to his deep, steady voice. Watching him bind others' will to his own. He had a skill...a gift. I have it too.

But this gift is not to be squandered. I see you squandering your gifts, snake. You play children's games with yours. You make men dance for you like puppets on a string. But hypnosis is so much more than what your amateur hands can craft.

You imagined your gifts made you superior. Until I arrived, maybe you were. You imagined your secrets were safe. Until I arrived, maybe they were. You can wear the mask of Ophidian, you can wear the mask of 17, but none of this hides your identity from me. You are a charlatan, nothing more. A fake.

I buried you. My father would have pitied you. He would have shown you the compassion his son lacks. I shed those trappings now, or I cannot be complete. It is not enough for an animal to change its spots.

I see through the snake's eyes. I see. I wear the snake's skin. I slither. I am the snake ... but in its ultimate form. I will prove my superiority. I will be the best Ophidian, and laugh in the face of his failed ghost.

Wrestling is filled with hollow victories. Accolades that in and of themselves have no meaning. Only by taking his place, by proving my superiority, can this victory have meaning, have completeness.


Blog: Johnny Kidd (8.18.17)

Posted: August 18, 2017

I have seen the video message by your Director of Fun, and my personal friend, Mike Quackenbush, about finding closure to something we had tried to end last May in Manchester. I was truly honoured that after not wrestling for three years Mike decided he would grant me my wish - to have my final bout in a thirty-eight-year wrestling career with his good self. From meeting Mike in Essen (Germany) a few years ago we have always remained good friends and even had a friendly rivalry throughout the years. I respect this man for all he has done and achieved in this great sport of Professional Wrestling and I relish the opportunities I have had to actually lock up and wrestle him. I class the matches I have had with Mike as some of my finest because as a wrestling technician he is second to none. Technical wrestling has always been my game too, but I have seen things this man can do in the wrestling ring which look so effortless. So for me now, it has been nearly sixteen months since I last laced up a pair of wrestling boots, but to have an opportunity to face The Master of A Thousand Holds again is an opportunity I cannot simply pass up.

So yes Mike, I'll be ready to face you. This time, let the best man win.

See you in Wolverhampton...Regards as always,

Blog: Lucas Calhoun (8.2.17)

Posted: August 02, 2017

It’s the punch you don’t see coming that hits you the hardest. And I tell ya, the hit I just took caught me so flatfooted, it about put my lights out.

Since last season, I’ve been working under the assumption that, for whatever reason, you had a mad-on for me, Leary. I figured that somewhere along the line you decided that you hated me so much your only course of action was to take everything away from me, and leave behind a husk of a man that I had only recently discovered I was. And you took it all – you got my clothes, my shades, my prized baby girl street rod…and I ain’t too proud to admit that you got so far under my skin that you even got me to shave my own head. Mission accomplished, you won.

But that wasn’t ever it, was it? I just recently put it together, myself – you’ve had that creepazoid The Whisper in your ear from the jump, and he’s been feeding you secrets about our…shared past.

At first, it seemed like more needling from a persistent thorn in my side. Something else to drive me further up the wall. But as you kept hinting and dropping names that caused some memories to stir, I got to picking up what you were putting down. I didn’t believe you, but I got what you were driving at.

Now, though, it’s an entirely different song. You showed me, directly to my face, the proof that confirmed what I was trying to deny. I’m a monster, an abhuman. Titor created me. Same as they created you. Same as every other Volgar in the line. The Whisper helped you to take one last thing from me.

So now, ol Juke Jo…I’ve got to do some figuring. I gotta get my mind around the idea that I’m not at all who or what I thought I was. It’s gonna take me some time to figure out what, if anything, is real. I guess it’s a long-winded way of sayin ... I’ll see ya when I see ya.

Before I split, a word to one of the only friends I've made during my stay – Missile, be careful mixing up with The Whisper. He’s a snake hidden in some real tall grass. He’s more dangerous than he looks, and he’s got some dark powers at his aid.