The 2018 Johnny Kidd Invitational and Go Eat Worms! Blu-Ray

The Johnny Kidd Invitational: Eight of the planet's most scientifically sound grapplers compete in honor of our friend, the legendary Johnny Kidd! This event features the complete, single-elimination tournament, highlighted by the returns of Colt Cabana, and Gen-1 original Jigsaw! Plus, in non-tournament action, the newly-minted duo of The Beast Warriors look to right the wrongs of "Aniversario" by battling Hallowicked & Frightmare! A wild atomicos match sees two very peculiar quartets struggle to least long enough to claim a victory over the opposing foursome!

Go Eat Worms!: After learning that he and Jeremy Leary were the products of Professor Nicodemus' "Volgar Quotient," Lucas Calhoun sought aid from a brother-in-science. The 79th Volgar joins Leary and Calhoun for trios action against the terrifying team of Hallowicked, Frightmare and Kobald! Icarus is due for a reckoning, after walking out on Razerhawk and Danjerhawk last month at "Aniversario," but Icarus has been filling out the ranks with developing stars that evince a killer instinct! In the main event, Fire Ant fails to check his darkest emotions, and lashes out against former friend, Dasher Hatfield. Matt Riddle returns to a CHIKARA ring for the first time in a year, taking on Mr. Touchdown in a singles encounter that may provide a glimpse into what the interpromotional series against Beyond Wrestling (at "Clan Feuds") will hold...

Own both events on this two 1080p Blu-Ray set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

The Johnny Kidd Invitational

  1. He Just...Quit.
  2. Johnny Kidd Invitational Opening Round Match: Travis Huckabee vs Rory Gulak
  3. Johnny Kidd Invitational Opening Round Match: Jigsaw vs Thomas Santell
  4. Johnny Kidd Invitational Opening Round Match: Ophidian vs Solo Darling
  5. Johnny Kidd Invitational Opening Round Match: Green Ant vs Colt Cabana
  6. Lucas Calhoun speaks
  7. Thief Ant, Danjerhawk, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Sonny Defarge vs Hermit Crab, Whisper, Frantik, Still Life With Apricots and Pears
  8. Johnny Kidd Invitational Semi-Final Round Match #1
  9. Johnny Kidd Invitational Semi-Final Round Match #2
  10. Beast Warriors vs The Legion of Rot
  11. Cornelius Crummels vs Volgar
  12. Johnny Kidd Invitational Tournament Final

Go Eat Worms!

  1. Go Eat Worms! - Event Intro
  2. Hype Rockwell vs BLANK
  3. Callux the Castigator in action
  4. Razerhawk and Danjerhawk vs Travis Huckabee and Icarus
  5. Mr. Touchdown vs. Matt Riddle
  6. Solo Darling vs Blanche Babish
  7. Lucas Calhoun, Jeremy Leary, 79 vs The Legion of Rot
  8. Dasher Hatfield vs Fire Ant
  9. Calhoun, Leary and BMD speak