Aniversario 2016 Tour 4-Disc Set

Own the entire 4-Disc Set for one low price! CHIKARA's 2016 UK Tour includes all four events: Catching Fire, The Chamber of Secrets, The Two Towers, and The Lost World in their entirety. Includes the one-night-only return to action of "The Master of a Thousand Holds" Mike Quackenbush in 8 Rounds of World of Sport Rules action against Johnny Kidd, Princess KimberLee defending her CHIKARA Grand Championship against Hallowicked, and 25 more huge matchups from Birmingham, Manchester, North Shields, England and Glasgow, Scotland.

Own all four events on four 1080p Blu-Ray Discs for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

Aniversario: The Lost World

  1. Aniversario: The Lost World - Event Intro
  2. Nixon Newell speaks
  3. Heidi Lovelace vs Nixon Newell
  4. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Chuck Taylor™
  5. The Batiri vs The Colony vs Los Ice Creams vs N_R_G
  6. Lucas Calhoun speaks
  7. Lucas Calhoun vs Hermit Crab
  8. Ophidian and Eddie Kingston speak
  9. Ophidian, Eddie Kingston vs Frightmare, Icarus
  10. Hallowicked speaks
  11. Grand Championship: Princess KimberLee vs Hallowicked
  12. Encore: "This Is" Howie DeWitt vs Orange Cassidy with Chuck Taylor™

Aniversario: The Two Towers

  1. The Two Towers - Event Intro
  2. Lucas Calhoun speaks
  3. Heidi Lovelace vs Lucas Calhoun
  4. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Stewie Scrivens
  5. Soldier Ant vs Chuck Taylor™
  6. Eddie Kingston speaks
  7. Eddie Kingston vs Hermit Crab
  8. Ophidian speaks
  9. Fire Ant vs Ophidian
  10. Princess KimberLee, Los Ice Creams, N_R_G vs Hallowicked, Frightmare, Icarus, The Batiri
  11. Hallowicked speaks
  12. Encore Match

Aniversario: The Chamber of Secrets

  1. Aniversario: The Chamber of Secrets - Event Intro
  2. N_R_G speak
  3. N_R_G vs The Gentleman's Club
  4. Ophidian vs Hermit Crab
  5. Lucas Calhoun speaks
  6. Icarus vs Lucas Calhoun
  7. Chuck Taylor™ speaks
  8. Eddie Kingston vs Chuck Taylor™
  9. Princess KimberLee, Heidi Lovelace, The Colony vs Hallowicked, Frightmare, The Batiri
  10. World of Sport Rules/8 Rounds: Johnny Kidd vs Mike Quackenbush

Aniversario: Catching Fire

  1. Aniversario: Catching Fire - Event Intro
  2. Lucas Calhoun speaks
  3. Stewie Scrivens vs Lucas Calhoun
  4. Heidi Lovelace, N_R_G vs Frightmare, The Batiri
  5. Ophidian speaks
  6. Mark Andrews vs Ophidian
  7. Fire Ant vs Hermit Crab
  8. Officer Warren Barksdale speaks
  9. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Drew Gulak
  10. Princess KimberLee and Eddie Kingston speak
  11. Princess KimberLee, Eddie Kingston vs Hallowicked, Icarus
  12. Encore Match: Chuck Taylor™ vs Mr. Azerbaijan