Counting Backwards and Like Phantoms, Forever on DVD

Counting Backwards Lucas Calhoun wants to test himself against the breakout star of 2016, Drew Gulak, but in Philly, Drew has the home court advantage! Chuck Taylor enacts one of the clauses in his agreement with DUSTIN, and the two team up for the first time ever at "Counting Backwards"! In a scientific wrestling display of the very highest caliber, Juan Francisco de Coronado of Ecuador has a career-defining match against Britain's Zack Sabre, Jr. and the stunning result earns a massive standing ovation from the capacity crowd!

Like Phantoms, Forever Our final Philly tour stop for the season see two Wrestle Factory trainers square off for the Grand Championship of CHIKARA! Things get out of control in a heated atomico match that features four of Nazmaldun's fiercest warriors facing Pharoah Ant (the transformed Amasis) and members of The Colony. In a bout that is well over a year in the making, Princess KimberLee looks to end her personal rivalry with super heavyweight Max Smashmaster, who has evinced a decidedly sadistic streak since being reinstated to the roster!

Own both events on this two DVD set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

Like Phantoms, Forever

  1. Like Phantoms, Forever - Event Intro
  2. Bullet Ant vs Rock Lobster
  3. Dez Peloton speak
  4. Dez Peloton vs Crummels and Defarge
  5. Wani vs Oleg the Usurper
  6. Team Pharaoh Ant vs. Team Frightmare
  7. Sidney Bakabella and Max Smashmaster speak
  8. Princess KimberLee vs Max Smashmaster
  9. Ophidian speaks
  10. Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Ophidian
  11. Encore Match: ThunderFrog vs Mr. Azerbaijan
  12. Bonus: A Threat to our Very Foundation
  13. The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape

Counting Backwards

  1. Counting Backwards - Event Intro
  2. Lucas Calhoun vs Drew Gulak
  3. The Closers speak
  4. The Closers vs N_R_G vs Team Sea Stars vs Chuck Taylor, DUSTIN
  5. Young Lions Cup: ThunderFrog vs Hermit Crab
  6. Officer Warren Barksdale vs. The Big Deal
  7. Dasher Hatfield and Heidi Lovelace speak
  8. Dasher Hatfield, Heidi Lovelace vs Icarus, Mark Angelosetti
  9. Zack Sabre, Jr. vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
  10. No One's First and You're Next - Official Trailer
  11. The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape