Cruise Control and Judgment Day DVD

Cruise Control: Two of our most-tenured tag teams tussle in the main event of "Cruise Control"! Can the Osirian Portal overcome the swelling ranks of Nazmaldun's legion of so-called "heXed Men"? Jigsaw and Missile Assault Man have a hard-hitting slugfest, while Icarus vents his hatred toward Silver Ant in an outstanding opening contest. The Big Deal's "Closers" (Rick Roland and Sloan Caprice) don't take kindly to the shenanigans of Los Ice Creams, much to the dismay of the dairy duo!

Judgment Day Heidi Lovelace makes history as the first wrestler to ever challenge for the Grand Championship twice in the same season! Will lady luck be on her side when she faces off against Hallowicked in the main event? Plus, The Big Deal shows his mean streak, and his hired hands, The Closers, make their presence felt. Mark Angelosetti looks to continue his streak of wins (and show-stealing performances) as he takes on a fellow former Young Lions Cup champ, Fire Ant!

Own both events on this two DVD set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

Judgment Day

  1. Judgment Day - Event Intro
  2. Officer Warren Barksdale speaks
  3. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Wani
  4. Worker Ant vs Tim Pence
  5. Crummels and Defarge speak
  6. Cornelius Crummels, Sonny Defarge vs Hermit Crab, Rock Lobster
  7. Fire Ant vs Mark Angelosetti
  8. The Big Deal vs. Chuck Taylorâ„¢
  9. Heidi Lovelace speaks
  10. Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Heidi Lovelace
  11. Encore Match: Team Sea Stars vs Swamp Monster, Orange Cassidy
  12. CHIKARA Themes: Volume 5 (Official Trailer)

Cruise Control

  1. Cruise Control - Event Intro
  2. Silver Ant vs Icarus
  3. Flex Rumblecrunch vs Billy Bodyslam
  4. The Closers speak
  5. Los Ice Creams vs Sloan Caprice, Rick Roland
  6. Juan Francisco de Coronado speaks
  7. Donald Kluger vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
  8. Missile Assault Man vs Jigsaw
  9. The Osirian Portal vs Obariyon, Kodama
  10. Bonus: The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape