The Infinite Gauntlet and Aniversario: Heroes Shed No Tears DVD

The Infinite Gauntlet: The Infinite Gauntlet is a massive battle royale that sees 33 competitors enter the ring, each 88 seconds apart! They fight until just one is left in the ring, and that wrestler captures a "Golden Opportunity"! Past winners of the Infinite Gauntlet include Hallowicked (Season 16), Dasher Hatfield (Season 17) and Solo Darling (Season 18.) Who will leave the Poconos with those coveted three coins and a Golden Opportunity? In addition to the giant main event bout, former WWE superstar Mr. Anderson makes his CHIKARA debut, squaring off against Mr. Touchdown. PLUS: Mike Quackenbush returns to active duty, and he locks up with an old rival, in Arik Cannon. The handiwork of Professor Nicodemus is on display, as the Troll returns from his "enhancement therapy," and points are in play as four tag teams collide in an elimination match!

Aniversario: Heroes Shed No Tears: Our anniversary celebration also marks an important milestone for our founder and patriarch! "The Master of a Thousand Holds" embarks on his 25th year in professional wrestling with a bid to capture the title that has always eluded him - the Grand Championship of CHIKARA! But to claim it, he'll have to defeat the seemingly-unstoppable Juan Francisco de Coronado. All year long, Fire Ant has been lashing out at former friends and partners, unable to cope with the losses he's endured these last 3 seasons, and unfortunately for Green Ant, he looks to be the next to feel the fury! Director of Fun Bryce Remsburg hand-picked ten participants for an elimination match, and the squads feature a mix of long-tenured players with newer arrivals to the roster.

Own both events on this two DVD set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

The Infinite Gauntlet

  1. The Infinite Gauntlet - Event Intro
  2. Mike Quackenbush vs Arik Cannon
  3. Enemy of My Enemy
  4. 4 Corner Tag Match: Oleg/Boar vs Crummels/Defarge vs Cheech/Colin vs Dez Peloton
  5. Handicap Match: Trollzilla debuts!
  6. Mr. Touchdown vs Mr. Anderson
  7. Campeonatos de Parejas: Xyberhawx2000 vs The Closers
  8. The Infinite Gauntlet

Aniversario - Heroes Shed No Tears

  1. Aniversario: Heroes Shed No Tears - Event Intro
  2. Hype Rockwell vs Tony Deppen
  3. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Volgar
  4. Xyberhawx2000, Icarus vs Creatures of the Deep
  5. Broken
  6. Green Ant vs Fire Ant
  7. Cameron Zagami speaks
  8. Beast Warriors vs The Closers
  9. The Proteus Wheel approaches
  10. Lucas Calhoun, Jeremy Leary vs The Proteus Wheel
  11. 10-Person Elimination Tag Team Match
  12. My Anniversary
  13. Grand Championship: Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Mike Quackenbush
  14. Encore: Ophidian vs Kobald