King of Trios 2016 - Night One Blu-Ray and DVD

From around the globe, 48 competitors converge on The Palmer Center to comprise 16 trios, all vying to survive the biggest tournament in all of professional wrestling! A cavalcade of CHIKARA favorites are joined by an international cast of very special guest stars on Night 1, the only night of the tournament to feature all of the competitors. New alliances are forged...and old ones are tested, all in the name of trios supremacy!

Own this event in full 1080p on Blu-Ray.


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

King of Trios 2016 - Night 1

  1. King of Trios 2016 - Event Intro
  2. The Batiri vs Major League Moustache
  3. The United Nations speak
  4. Team Police Squad vs United Nations
  5. The Colony vs ???
  6. Team Original Divas Revolution speak
  7. Team SHIMMER vs Jazz, Mickie James, Victoria
  8. Worker Ant speaks
  9. Worker Ant, Bullet Ant, Missile Assault Man vs Hallowicked, Icarus, Jigsaw
  10. The Snake Pit speak
  11. Ophidian, Amasis, Argus vs Team JWP
  12. Team Sendai Girls vs Heidi Lovelace, Race Jaxon, Hype Rockwell
  13. The Warriors Three vs Team #CWC
  14. Back in the Habit - Official Trailer
  15. The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape