King of Trios 2017 - All Three Nights on Blu-Ray and DVD

For the 10th annual King of Trios tournament, we set sail for jolly ol’ England! From around the globe, 48 competitors converge on StarWorks in Wolverhampton, all vying for supremacy in the biggest tournament in all of professional wrestling! A cavalcade of CHIKARA favorites are joined by an international cast of very special guest stars from Japan, Spain, Denmark, the UK and beyond!

Own all three events in full 1080p on 3 Blu-Ray discs.


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

King of Trios 2017 - Night Three

  1. King of Trios 2017 - Night Three - Event Intro
  2. King of Trios Semi-Final #1
  3. King of Trios Semi-Final #2
  4. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Chief Deputy Dunne
  5. Kobald speaks
  6. Kobald vs Fire Ant
  7. CCK speak
  8. 10-Team Tag Team Gauntlet
  9. Sylverhawk vs Merlok
  10. Jody Fleisch speaks
  11. Rey de Voladores Tournament Final
  12. House Strong Style speak
  13. King of Trios Tournament Final

King of Trios 2017 - Night Two

  1. King of Trios 2017 - Night Two - Event Intro
  2. El Phantasmo speaks
  3. Rey de Voladores 4-Way Eliminator #1: Ophidian vs El Phantasmo vs A.Kid vs Omari
  4. KOT Quarter-Final #1
  5. Chuck Mambo speaks
  6. Rey de Voladores 4-Way Eliminator #2: Red Eagle vs Chuck Mambo vs Sylverhawk vs Jody Fleisch
  7. KOT Quarter-Final #2
  8. House Rot speaks
  9. KOT Quarter-Final #3
  10. World of Sport Rules: Mike Quackenbush vs Johnny Kidd
  11. House Throwback speaks
  12. KOT Quarter-Final #4

King of Trios 2017 - Night One

  1. King of Trios 2017 - Night One - Event Intro
  2. House Calamari speaks
  3. House Calamari vs House Bike Cops
  4. House Bodyslam speaks
  5. House Rot vs House Bodyslam!
  6. House Revival vs House of the Seven Seas
  7. House WhiteWolf speaks
  8. House Strong Style vs House WhiteWolf
  9. Casa Dorada vs House of Sport
  10. House Fight Club speaks
  11. House Fight Club vs House Furies
  12. House Sendai Girls vs House Xyberhawx2000
  13. House ATTACK! speaks
  14. House Throwback vs House ATTACK!