King of Trios 2018 Night One - Blu-Ray

A galaxy of pro-wrestling stars will converge on The Palmer Center for the massive King of Trios 2018! In all, sixteen trios will take part in the biggest tournament in all of professional wrestling. Night One features all sixteen trios, but just eight will advance into the quarter-final round. Featuring the reunion of The Nexus, the American debut of the stars of Tokyo Joshi Pro and so much more!

Own this event in full 1080p on Blu-Ray Disc.


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

King of Trios 2018 - Night One

  1. King of Trios 2018 Night One Introduction
  2. Xyberhawx Techno Union vs Ancient Order of the Nations
  3. The ResisANTce vs Dark Lords of the Proteus
  4. The Nexus Alliance vs The Regime
  5. The Millennium Throwbacks vs Raiders of the Beyond
  6. The Ohnaka Gang vs Society of the Deep
  7. Galactic Wildlife Commission vs The F.I.S.T. Order
  8. The New Republic vs Sisters of the Mighty
  9. The SHIMMER Collective vs Tokyo Joshi Pro Freedom Fighters
  10. The Road to Chikarasaurus Rex
  11. Season 18 Retrospective Part 1
  12. Season 18 Retrospective Part 2
  13. Season 18 Retrospective Part 3
  14. Season 18 Retrospective Part 4