National Pro Wrestling Day 2016 Blu-Ray and DVD

The annual National Pro Wrestling Day celebration took place in Reading, PA. Featuring the complete Young Lions Cup XII tournament, the debut of Scoot Tatum and more pro-wrestling than you can shake a stick at!

Enjoy 15 complete bouts including the entire Young Lions Cup XII Tournament on one 1080p Blu-Ray or two DVD discs.

Own the entire event on one 1080p Blu-Ray disc!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

National Pro Wrestling Day 2016

  1. National Pro Wrestling Day 2016 - Event Intro
  2. YLC 4-Way Eliminator #1: Wani vs Prakash Sabar vs Ashley Vox vs Jeremy Leary
  3. Chuck Taylorâ„¢ - Dinner For You
  4. Hallowicked vs Ophidian
  5. FSW presents House of Payne vs Magma, Supastar WHIPLASH, Suntan Superman
  6. YLC 4-Way Eliminator #2: Argus vs Officer Warren Barksdale vs Luke Lawson vs Hermit Crab
  7. Heidi Lovelace vs Solo Darling
  8. YLC 4-Way Eliminator #3: Ken Broadway vs Delmi Exo vs Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs Nutrious X
  9. Mr. Touchdown vs Pinkie Sanchez
  10. Excellence Pro Wrestling presents One Night Only vs Danger Jameson, Havoc
  11. YLC 4-Way Eliminator #4: Willow Nightingale vs Rock Lobster vs Mike Verna vs ThunderFrog
  12. Dasher Hatfield vs Missile Assault Man
  13. YLC Semi-Final #1
  14. YLC Semi-Final #2
  15. Wally Scott vs Scoot Tatum
  16. Princess KimberLee vs Mickie James
  17. Young Lions Cup XII Tournament Final