The New Batch and The Secret of the Ooze DVD

Oleg the Usurper has hunted down his former stablemates, and now just one remains - Blaster McMassive. These two heavyweights collide in a bitter grudge match, while in the main event, reigning Campeones Hype Rockwell and Race Jaxon (N_R_G) face the #1 contenders to their titles, in the duo of Missile Assault Man and Lucas Calhoun. Plus: the first-time meeting of Amasis and Rock Lobster pushes both men to their physical limits as CHIKARA Presents: The New Batch!

The Secret of the Ooze allows you relive an historic occasion - #1 contender Heidi Lovelace challenges the reigning Grand Champion Princess KimberLee in the main event! These two ladies knock down barriers and expectations in this monumental match-up that is as much about equality as it is about the state-of-the-art in professional wrestling! Plus, Eddie Kingston vents his frustrations on Pinkie Sanchez in his quest to get a hold on the BDK's overlord, and Juan Francisco de Coronado continues to torment Mr. Touchdown.

Own both events on this two DVD set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

The Secret of the Ooze

  1. The Secret of the Ooze - Event Intro
  2. Eddie Kingston speaks
  3. Eddie Kingston vs Pinkie Sanchez
  4. Icarus, Mr. Touchdown vs Wani, Juan Francisco de Coronado
  5. Chuck Taylorâ„¢ sings
  6. Fire Ant vs Jaka
  7. Flex Rumblecrunch speaks
  8. Dasher Hatfield vs Flex Rumblecrunch
  9. die BDK speak
  10. die BDK vs The Batiri
  11. Heidi Lovelace speaks
  12. Grand Championship: Princess KimberLee vs Heidi Lovelace
  13. Encore Match: The Snake Pit vs Battleborn

The New Batch

  1. The New Batch - Event Intro
  2. The United Nations speak
  3. Los Ice Creams vs Prakash Sabar, Proletariat Boar of Moldova
  4. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Devo Riggs
  5. Amasis speaks
  6. Amasis vs Rock Lobster
  7. Argus speaks
  8. Argus vs Hermit Crab
  9. Oleg the Usurper speaks
  10. Oleg the Usurper vs Blaster McMassive
  11. Campeonatos de Parejas: N_R_G vs Lucas Calhoun, Missile Assault Man
  12. Encore Match: Ophidian vs Chuck Taylorâ„¢