New England Tour 2017 Blu-Ray and DVD

Silence in the Library: Our return to the Pine Tree State sees two top tag teams collide, as the acrobatic Xyberhawx2000 look to soar over all the dirty tricks of the so-called "legitimate businessmen" Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge! The Rumblebees look to capture their 3rd point and secure a title shot at the elusive Ice Creams, while Oleg the Usurper looks to reignite his singles career, having suffered enough alongside Kobald. The Maine State Posse makes their CHIKARA debut, and rematched from Chicago are Rory Gulak and Icarus, determined to discover who is the superior grappler!

Dark Water: At "Dark Water," Mike Quackenbush steps back into the ring to finish a rivalry that dates back years! Complicating matters is the addition of an "enforcement official," that being Sidney Bakabella. Dasher Hatfield joins forces with The Rumblebees to take on the treacherous trio of Juan Francisco de Coronado with Crummels and Defarge. Plus, the Young Lions Cup is defended for the final time in Season 18!

Kill The Moon: "Limitless" Keith Lee makes his CHIKARA debut, and he's the only obstacle between Dasher Hatfield and a shot at the Grand Championship! In trios action, the Xyberhawx2000 look to put a punctuation mark at the end of their evolving feud with the House of the Seven Seas. The new Osirian Portal are confronted by a specter of CHIKARA's past, one that The Whisper helped unearth. Plus: in the biggest bout of his entire career, the Proletariat Boar of Moldova cashes in his 3 points for a title bid against Juan Francisco de Coronado!

Own all three events on this three 1080p Blu-Ray set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

Kill the Moon

  1. Kill The Moon - Event Intro
  2. The Furies vs Jeremy Leary, Sloan Caprice, Rory Gulak
  3. Dez Peloton vs Osirian Portal
  4. Missile Assault Man vs Hallowicked
  5. Xyberhawx2000 speak
  6. Xyberhawx2000 vs House of the Seven Seas
  7. Proletariat Boar of Moldova speaks
  8. Grand Championship: Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs Juan Francisco de Coronado
  9. Dasher Hatfield speaks
  10. Dasher Hatfield vs Keith Lee
  11. Encore: Los Ice Creams vs Crummels and Defarge

Dark Water

  1. Dark Water - Event Intro
  2. Icarus vs Missile Assault Man
  3. Oleg the Usurper vs Jeremy Leary
  4. Mr. Touchdown vs Hallowicked
  5. Ophidian speaks
  6. Young Lions Cup: Ophidian vs. Officer Warren Barksdale
  7. Juan Francisco de Coronado speaks
  8. Fire Ant, The Rumblebees vs Juan Francisco de Coronado, Crummels, Defarge
  9. You Wanna Fight?
  10. Max Smashmaster speaks
  11. Mike Quackenbush vs Max Smashmaster

Silence in the Library

  1. Event Intro
  2. Oleg the Usurper vs Hermit Crab
  3. The Rumblebees vs Dez Peloton
  4. Rory Gulak Speaks
  5. Icarus vs Rory Gulak
  6. Main State Posse Speaks
  7. Maine State Posse vs Jeremy Leary, Osirian Portal
  8. Mr. Touchdown Speaks
  9. Mr. Touchdown vs Missile Assault Man
  10. Xyberhawx2000 vs Cornelius Crummels, Sonny Defarge
  11. Encore Match: El Hijo del Ice Cream vs Cajun Crawdad