The Parting of Ways and The Lodger Blu-Ray and DVD

The Parting of Ways: The Grand Championship is on the line, when Juan Francisco de Coronado defends against long-time rival, Missile Assault Man! They've split their past two encounters, but with The Whisper offering to help Missile Assault Man overcome the effects of his post-traumatic stress disorder, will it give him the clarity he needs to claim the biggest win of his entire career? Plus, tensions rise between Hermit Crab and Cajun Crawdad, as their impending bout for the Young Lions Cup looms on the horizon! At the goblin's request, Oleg the Usurper teams with Kobald for a most curious tag team encounter with two members of the flyest trio in the galaxy, Xyberhawx2000.

The Lodger: Frightmare's reign of terror has endured for more than 2 years at CHIKARA, but Fire Ant looks to put the "spectre of violence" down for the count in a Last Man Standing match! Also featured are two title contests, including a Young Lions Cup bout that pits two partners against each other - the Hermit Crab must answer the challenge of the Cajun Crawdad! In the main event, Solo Darling uses her Golden Opportunity to put The Rumblebees in line for a shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas, but the dirtiest players in the game aren't likely to let go of their prized baubles without a fight!

Own both events on this two 1080p Blu-Ray set for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

The Lodger

  1. The Lodger - Event Intro
  2. Lucas Calhoun vs The Whisper
  3. Dez Peloton speak
  4. Dez Peloton vs ???
  5. DUSTIN vs Sloan Caprice
  6. Hermit Crab speaks
  7. Young Lions Cup: Hermit Crab vs Cajun Crawdad
  8. Only One Will Remain
  9. Last Man Standing: Fire Ant vs Frightmare
  10. It May Be All Over...
  11. The Rumblebees speak
  12. Campeonatos de Parejas: Cornelius Crummels, Sonny Defarge vs Solo Darling, Travis Huckabee
  13. Encore Match: Razerhawk vs Mr. Azerbaijan
  14. What Am I?

The Parting of Ways

  1. The Parting of Ways - Event Intro
  2. Officer Bruno Meloni vs Race Jaxon
  3. Oleg The Usurper and Kobald speak
  4. Xyberhawx2000 vs Oleg the Usurper, Kobald
  5. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Hallowicked
  6. Jeremy Leary Speaks
  7. Icarus vs Jeremy Leary
  8. The Furies speak
  9. The Furies vs Merlok, Hermit Crab, Cajun Crawdad
  10. Colliding in Carolina!
  11. Missile Assault Man speaks
  12. Grand Championship: Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Missile Assault Man
  13. National Pro Wrestling Day 2017 (Official Trailer)
  14. The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape