When Nature Calls and Back in the Habit Blu-Ray

Our return to Ontario boasts a bonafide mat classic: Dasher Hatfield puts his 2 points on the line against the 2 points of Drew Gulak, who is experiencing a new wave of popularity thanks to his winning ways in the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic tournament! Our pals from across the pond, Moustache Mountain, traverse the Atlantic, We experience the official arrival of "The Big Deal," the once and former Hornswoggle! The members of The Colony mount a two-pronged offensive against the swelling forces of Nazmaldun, with Silver Ant and Worker Ant teaming together, while Fire Ant looks to take the title away from Hallowicked! Thirteen huge matchups, backstage interviews, bonus content and more is found on this two disc set.

Own both events on two 1080p Blu-Ray Discs for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

Back in the Habit

  1. Back in the Habit - Event Intro
  2. Missile Assault Man vs Stephon Smith
  3. Lucas Calhoun speaks
  4. Lucas Calhoun vs Soldier Ant
  5. N_R_G vs Moustache Mountain
  6. Moustache Mountain speak
  7. The Colony speak
  8. Silver Ant, Worker Ant vs Obariyon, Kodama
  9. The United Nations vs The Big Deal, Sloan Caprice & Rick Roland
  10. Hallowicked speaks
  11. Ants, Ants Everywhere...
  12. Grand Championship: Hallowicked vs Fire Ant
  13. Encore Match
  14. The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape
  15. National Pro Wrestling Day 2016 - Official Trailer

When Nature Calls

  1. When Nature Calls - Event Intro
  2. Kobald vs Evil Uno
  3. The Debut of The Big Deal
  4. Officer Warren Barksdale speaks
  5. Oleg the Usurper vs Officer Warren Barksdale
  6. Princess KimberLee, Heidi Lovelace & Team Sea Stars speak
  7. Princess KimberLee, Heidi Lovelace, Team Sea Stars vs Icarus, The Batiri, Mark Angelosetti
  8. Moustache Mountain speak
  9. Hermit Crab, Rock Lobster vs 3.0 vs Moustache Mountain vs Osirian Portal
  10. Dasher Hatfield speaks
  11. Dasher Hatfield vs Drew Gulak
  12. The Wrestle Factory presents Ring Shape
  13. The Days of the Phoenix - Official Trailer