Whisper House and The Distant Future Blu-Ray and DVD

Princess KimberLee has never faced a challenge to her throne quite like the savage Jaka, and to make matters worse, the mastermind of the new Bruderschaft, Jakob Hammermeier, is now pulling Jaka's puppet strings! Silver Ant and Frightmare rekindle their rivalry, while The United Nations look to capture their 3rd point, and make a statement, by facing the current and reigning Campeones de Parejas, N_R_G! The inaugural Infinite Gauntlet match sees 33 combatants enter the ring, 88 seconds apart, and they must all do battle until only the strongest survives! There are no friends in this match, only foes, and danger is constantly growing...the perilous possibilities are endless! Also: the Osirian Portal look to settle some business with the French-Canadian lumberjacks Thomas Dubois and Mathieu St. Jacques, in a must-see tag team encounter!

Own both events on two 1080p Blu-Ray Discs for one low price!


Includes the Following Matches and Segments

The Distant Future

  1. The Distant Future - Event Intro
  2. Team Sea Stars vs Orange Cassidy, Swamp Monster
  3. Officer Warren Barksdale speaks
  4. Officer Warren Barksdale vs Argus
  5. Battleborn speak
  6. The Bigger They Are...
  7. The Osirian Portal speak
  8. The Osirian Portal vs TDT
  9. Oleg The Usurper speaks
  10. The Infinite Gauntlet
  11. Encore: Race Jaxon vs The Proletariat Boar of Moldova

Whisper House

  1. Whisper House - Event Intro
  2. Silver Ant vs Frightmare
  3. Wani vs Jonah Rogan
  4. Jakob Hammermeier speaks
  5. The United Nations speak
  6. Obariyon, Kodama vs Mr. Azerbaijan, The Proletariat Boar of Moldova
  7. Hallowicked vs Soldier Ant
  8. Consider This a Preview...
  9. Juan Francisco de Coronado and Prakash Sabar speak
  10. N_R_G vs Juan Francisco de Coronado, Prakash Sabar
  11. Queen of this Jungle
  12. Princess KimberLee speaks
  13. Grand Championship: Princess KimberLee vs Jaka