Wrestle Factory Tuition

Referee Bryce Remsburg Seminar at the Wrestle Factory - Aug 16

“Despite my lifelong love of pro wrestling, I knew an in-ring career wasn’t for me. But that didn’t stop me from getting involved. Over the past 17 years, I have been lucky enough to referee over 3,000 matches in 150 promotions in 30 states and 6 countries and share rings & locker rooms with future WrestleMania main eventers. I’ve been in just about every plausible situation one can be in, and worn every hat in the wrestling world one can wear without actually wrestling a match. These non-physical and behind-the-curtain jobs are often overlooked and low priority for promoters; we’ll talk about how to change that for you. We’ll take a deep dive into refereeing, with on-the-spot constructive criticism and feedback and discuss ways in which you can make yourself indispensable. There will also be high fives. I promise.” - BR

This special seminar will be 2 hours long, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Friday, August 16th and will take place at The Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, PA.