Wrestle Factory Tuition

In-Ring Seminar with Mike Quackenbush - January 25, 2020

Join "The Master of a Thousand Holds" in the ring for a seminar focused specifically on takedowns, different types of arm drags as well as mares. This unique class will cross wrestling styles from around the planet and help sharpen the game of a beginner level, intermediate level, or even advanced level in-ring performer. Before he tours it around the world, be the first to take Mike Quackenbush's new class for 2020.

This special seminar will take place on Saturday, January 25th, from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm at The Wrestle Factory (4711 Wingate Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19136.) It is limited to just 18 attendees. Class fees are non-refundable.